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Printing from School Chromebooks
Last Updated 4 years ago

Starting with the new school year, we will be shifting to PaperCut Mobility Print as our solution for printing from Chromebooks and other mobile devices. There will be some differences in how this works as compared to how it did with Google Cloud Print.

On our managed Chromebooks, the Papercut Mobility Print extension will be automatically installed. In order for staff and students using these managed devices to print, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Open a print dialog like you normally would.
  2. From the printer selection dropdown, select 'See More...'

  3. All of the available printers will show up in your list. They will have a green "P" next to their names. The printers made available will depend on which school's wireless network you are connected to. You will see all printers at your current school in the list. The printers are named after the room they are located in.

  4. Choose the printer you wish to print to and select 'Print' as normal.
  5. A Papercut login dialog will appear, asking for a username and password. At this point, you should choose 'Sign in with Google' and accept any prompts.


  6. If the job goes through successfully**, the dialog will disappear. It may take a short while for the printer to start printing.
**As of the writing of this article, there is a known bug in the PaperCut login screen. If you choose 'Sign in with Google' and receive a message saying "Incorrect Username or Password", this is because you do not have permission to print to the printer you have chosen. PaperCut is working on making the dialog display a more accurate error message when you attempt to print to a printer that you do not have permission to. If you are a student, you will be limited to which printers you may send jobs to. Please ask your teacher which printer you should be sending jobs to.


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