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Copiers: Printing to the Black (Toshiba) Copiers
Last Updated 3 years ago

Printing to the new copiers will now require you to send the print job to the printer named CPS-FindMePrint. On district managed Windows computers and Chromebooks, this printer should automatically appear for you. If you are on a Mac or a personal device, you will need to add the printer.

Click here for directions on adding CPS-FindMePrint to your Mac/Personal Device.

Printing to CPS-FindMePrint will place the print job in in a hold queue. At this point, you may walk to any Toshiba copier in the district and swipe your badge to release the print job.

If you have not already setup your badge to log you into the copiers, please see this document for instructions.

Releasing a print job from the Toshiba Copiers

  1. While the copier is at the login screen, swipe your badge to sign in.
  2. If you wish to release everything you've sent to the printer without specifying any settings, you may tap the 'Print all' button in the upper right corner to release all of your print jobs. Otherwise, tap the 'Print Release' icon.
  3. From this screen, you may select individual jobs to release (or cancel by tapping the trash icon). You can specify additional settings for each print job here, such as duplex printing or converting color print jobs to greyscale.

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