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How to restart the Toshiba Printer Copier
Last Updated 2 years ago

How to restart the Toshiba Printer

If the building you have a Toshiba printer loses power even for a minute sometimes it may be necessary to restart(reboot) the printer to refresh all the services that communicate during the print process. One feature that most times is affected is the Scan Badge feature.

Follow the steps below to restart the printer after a building has recovered from a power outage to reset the processes in the printer.

At the console press the on/off button as shown:


After pressing button; the console will show Shutdown or Restart.

Choose Shutdown and let the printer completely shut down. After a few seconds press the on/off button again to start the process and wait until the printer fully starts before trying to use the printer.

NOTE :It is best to wait at least 2 to 3 minutes before scanning badge to access the machine.

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